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Q & A

Wonnv Dryer Machine

Power : 600W

(1) Which epoxy the dryer can work for?

The dryer machine can work for most kinds of epoxy on the market. It also can work for base paint and epoxy resin crafts with silicone mold.

(2) How long the tumbler should be drying?

We recommend the temperature is 110'F for first 50 minutes,then improve to 140'F for 50~60 minutes. You can adjust the temperature and timing according to the actual situation such as working environment temperature, humdity, the thickness of epoxy and so on.

(3) Why do not put the turner machine in too much?

The right position is that the tumbler mouth rim is one inch distant from acrylic plate. The area is Optimum Operating Zone b/c the air blow and temperature are uniformity.

(4)The quality of epoxy will be damaged by temperature?

No. The dryer just simulate a stable environment with suitable temperature and soft warm wind to accelerate the cure, not over heat as an oven.

Temperature regulation range of dryer machine is from 95°F to 185°F, the frequently-used range is from 110°F to 150°F, it's just a litter higher than the temperature in summer, not high as oven. The range of temperature will not affect the quality of epoxy.

If it's cold such as in the winter, you can use the range 150-185F, the actual temp inside the dryer is 130-140F b/c the dryer is not sealed, and some of the heat and moisture will be took away.

We also check with some epoxy company which are popular in the market, they said that a litter higher temperature will accelerate the drying of epoxy, but will not affect the quality of epoxy.

(5) How to ensure the epoxy drying completely?

When the thickness of epoxy is thick, we should keep a low temperature(100~110) for more time, then raise the temperature. It will ensure the epoxy drying from inside to outside.

(6) Will the motor and parts of turner machine be damaged by high temperature?

We just put the tumbler into the dryer machine, the other parts will be kept outside, so the motor and turner will not be affected. The parts of dryer machine such as wire are all Fire-retardant and High-temperature Resistant.